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Viagrameds views protection of your privacy as a very important principle. We recognize that you and your personal information must remain confidential and that your privacy must never be compromised. The information that you provide us on our website is solely used by us to provide you with the best shopping experience on our website. The primary utilization of your information is to guarantee that you recieve your delivery once you place an order on our website. Your information is not utilized for any other purposes apart from processing
your order.

We will never make your personal information available to anyone with unapproved access unless we are legally instructed to do so.


We understand the need for online security for safe and secure services and transaction on our website. So to maintain your privacy over the internet when you use our website, we have adopted and integrated SSL encryption on our website. All the information collected by us is stored and maintained in a database which is not connected to the internet to make it safe from unauthorized access.


It must be understood that whenever you choose to make use of our website in order to place an order for generic drugs, you explicitly consent to allow us to use your information in processing and delivering your order. Incase of any changes or modification in our privacy policy or any other related policy that might affect you, we will notify you so that you are aware of the information that we have, and how we intend to use it.

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