Citrulline – Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction

With the advance in medical science and easy access to medicines online and over the counter, it has become the norm to trust and buy prescription drugs. We all want a quick result with the pills without considering about the possibility of other healthier alternative. Starting from the early onset many diseases can be easily managed through changes in the diet and lifestyles, if not cured totally. The same can be held true for many men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra produce quick results but these are just cure and not prevention techniques. Numerous men suffering from erectile dysfunction could easily reduce their problems or even fully curing their problems by simply switching to natural remedies or a change in their lifestyles.

There are several naturally available alternatives which can help you to fight your diseases without the need for a medical intervention. One such disease is erectile dysfunction which is the direct result of the insufficient blood flow to the penis. There are a number of natural foods that can help alleviate erectile dysfunction. In this case nature offers its help through cucumber which is loaded with all the benefits to treat erectile dysfunction. It is full of nutrients that can assist vascular health and a healthy blood flow. Cucumber is rich in potassium which helps to keep abnormal blood pressures in check, vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and citrulline which eases the blood flow. Citrulline is an organic amino acid. Citrulline is produced naturally in the body, which is why it is classified as non essential. However, the production of citrulline dwindles as we age and as a result it becomes mandatory to acquire it from our daily nutrition or health supplements to meet the body’s demand for citrulline.

Citrulline proves to be a boon for men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to improper blood flow. The kidneys are responsible for converting citrulline in cucumber to arginine which is then converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is essential for an erection. In response to sexual stimulations, the brain releases nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. Nitric oxide helps in the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis which leads to an increase of the blood producing an erection.

Citrulline helps to double the level of GMP in the body. Various studies have shown the effectiveness of citrulline to treat ED without the side effects normally found with the use of prescription drugs for ED. Citrulline helps with the overall vascular functions in the body. Since erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused due to restricted blood flow to the penis, citrulline eases the problem of ED.

Benefits of Citrulline:

  • Citrulline eliminates the toxins found in the liver
  • It helps to increase the energy levels of the body
  • Its helps to maintain the balance of acid and base in the body


Precautions while taking citrulline:

  • Patients taking antihypertensive medications must avoid citrulline as it may decrease blood pressure
  • Patients on nitric or nitroglycerin medications who suffer from cardiovascular diseases may experience dizziness


Cucumber as well as watermelon is natural source of citrulline. However, one can also opt for citrulline supplement pills. Generally, a dose of 1.5 gm is recommended but it advisable to consult a doctor first. A glass of watermelon juice provides approximately 1 to 2 grams of citrulline. Citrulline is absorbed very quickly in the body as it does not go through liver metabolization.

Citrulline has been proven to be effective, safe and cheap as compared to the prescription drugs which can cause $35 – $45 a pill. As a result it is one of the most preferred natural alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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